Here for you

You’ll deal directly with an Automated Fuels representative in your community to establish your account, set controls, issue cards, and receive ongoing service.

More Saving

Because you can closely monitor and manage the fueling of your fleet, you are able to reduce fuel and extraneous costs by as much as 20%. Invest in the Automated Fuels cardholder program with online monitoring and effectively plan and manage your fleet’s fueling needs anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You Set Controls

Limit the time of day, day of week, transactions per day and fuel type. The parameters can be applied to your entire fleet or to any driver.


Automated Fuels has been a great partner for our business. We have a small fleet of box trucks that travel within 150 miles of our office. We previously had a direct bill account with a national chain billed monthly. By working with Automated Fuels, we have increased our security by utilizing the two-card system and helped our cash flow by being billed semi-monthly. When we switched to their Pacific Pride cards, their representative met our drivers at the station and walked them through how the fuel system works. Since then, we have not had any issues. Their customer service is excellent and we can always reach somebody in the office during business hours. Updating our vehicles and drivers as we have made changes to our fleet has been easy and simply requires an email or phone call.

Our partnership with Automated Fuels and the Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling System helps us control our fuel costs and saves us many hours of administrative time each month.  The fuel reports show us itemized details for each fuel transaction.  We know which driver fueled each truck and each transaction is time and date stamped for accuracy.  Another important feature to the fuel report is that the diesel fuel purchased for the refrigeration units is listed separately on each statement.  This is very important to recover a portion of the taxes that are paid for diesel road fuel at the pump.  We do not spend any time sorting receipts, making multiple entries into different software programs, or have to use multiple fueling programs to meet our needs.  In addition to fuel reports, Automated Fuels offers great customer service, no card fees, and even offers quantity discounts when you pay by automatic payments.  This is great because we reduce the number of checks we have to prepare and mail each month.  There is no doubt that Automated Fuels saves us time and money!

One reason I chose Pacific Pride is the quick and easy access for my employees to get only gas and get back on the road to the next job.


In addition to the more than 57,000 (and growing) Fuelman sites, you also have access to over 1,000 Pacific Pride cardlock locations. You can fuel at unattended cardlock sites, retail locations and over 2,500 independent truck stops that offer a full array of services for the over-the-road traveler. Online route planners and mobile apps provide your drivers with instant capabilities to find locations no matter where they are.