As the New Year approaches, What Changes Need to be Made?

With a customer base that spreads from Pennsylvania to Wyoming and Michigan to Alabama, we are constantly seeking ways to strengthen relationships with our customers and add value to our services. It makes sense that many of the goals remain the same year after year. For a fleet manager, I can see many goals such as manage fuel consumption, reduce maintenance costs, reduce time spent on administrative duties, increase efficiency of all fleet related employees. These are just a few of the possible goals for owners or fleet managers may come up with heading in to 2016.

Automated Fuels can help you in many of these areas. Automated Fuels is a comprehensive fuel purchasing, fuel management, and fuel tracking service, that allows you to reduce administrative headaches when it comes to one of your most purchased items, fuel. Our system can tell you when, where, who, purchased fuel and what vehicle or equipment it was for. This information is provided to you in a comprehensive and concise report that allows you to manage your fuel costs while giving you advance notice of maintenance concerns or alert you to fuel misuse. Additionally, the program should reduce your administrative time by eliminating time consuming receipt auditing.

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