New Scam – Sending Your Employee with Cash to Fuel a Company Vehicle

A couple of customers we have worked with over the last 6 months have shared a scheme with us that their now former employees were participating in.  The business owner would give each driver $50-$100 per day to fuel the company vehicles.  As with most cash transactions now at a convenience store, you must prepay with cash.  The employee will prepay and get a receipt for the full amount. (let’s pretend this day it is $80) He then goes and pumps $68.00 of fuel. He returns to the convenience store and says i miscalculated I need a refund of my unused money.  The clerk will return $12.00 and possibly a receipt for -$12.00.  Unfortunately the employee was only passing along the initial receipt that showed $80, pocketing $12 and discarding the negative receipt.

In this scenario, at $10 per day, it could cost your company $2,500 or more per vehicle each year!  Automated Fuels can protect you from many types of fraud and theft including this one.

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